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2016 Townhall Meetings

The province of New-Brunswick is facing its most profound demographic challenge. The aging of our population has placed numerous pressures on society that need to be addressed for us to continue to sustain our way of life. Although this aging phenomena creates many challenges, it also created an equal amount of opportunity.

In an effort the citizens of the Province and long term care stakeholders, we must create a vision that will maintain our cultural idendity, while allowing us to age with dignity and respect.

The purpose of these Town Hall Meetings is to hear community opinions about the role they can play in the coming years. Therefore, these meetings are designed to hear your voices and to assist us in creating a vision for the communities of NB as it relates to aging and long term care.

Please see the following schedule for this round of sessions.

Perth-Andover   St. James United Church Hall    October 25th @ 2 pm

Woodstock            Carleton Manor                     October 25th @ 7 pm

Edmundston          Résidences Jodin                  October 26th @ 7 pm

Moncton (English) Villa du Repos                        November 15th @ 7 pm

Miramichi             NBCC Miramichi                     November 16th  @ 7 pm

Sussex                Sussex Lions Club                     November 21st @ 2 pm

Hampton            Dr. V. A. Snow                         November 21st @ 7 pm

Saint John          Loch Lomond Villa                   November 22nd @ 7 pm

Bathurst             Foyer Notre-Dame de Lourdes   November 28th @ 7 pm

Shippagan          Congress Center                       November 29th @ 2 pm

Dalhousie           Dalhousie Nursing Home           November 30th @ 7 pm

Moncton (FR)      Villa du Repos                         December 1st @ 7 pm 


Fredericton         York Care Centre                    December 5th @ 7 pm

St Andrews          W.C. Oneill Arena                   December 15th @ 7pm

Campobello         Alan Seeley Community Rm     December 16th @ 2pm



Why should you attend the Town Hall meetings on the role of nursing homes and long term care facilities in your community?

Ageing is a phenomenon that begins at birth! Unfortunetly, as we near the end of our lives, often times our needs for assistance in daily living increase. The government cannot take care of all of these needs, so society itself must work to find innovative ways to help our elderly age gracefully.

Economic consideration have made it difficult for the province to maintain an adequate level of care for everyone, but the World Health Organization has adopted criteria that could help our communities to identify certain programs to help the elderly. We need to augment the criteria set out by the organization and collaborate with service organizations, faith based groups, non-profit organizations, volunteers and the corporate community to maintain our way of life.

We need to hear from you to help us determine in what ways we can all work together. Ageing does not have to be a lonely experience. Our goal is to explore the potential role of the community based nursing home as we move forward.

Let us come together to show the country that New-Brunswick can lead the world in innovation and make the ageing experience one to cherish.

We hope to see you there as you understand your community best. Thank you for all your help. All are welcome and open discussion is encouraged.