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Nursing homes situation in New Brunswick

June 20, 2016 - Michael Keating, executive director of NBANH, speaks to Information Morning Moncton on the Auditor General's recent report on nursing homes.

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Nursing homes call for less talk, more action by Gallant government

June 20, 2016-  In response to the New Brunswick Auditor general's report on the financial situation of nursing homes, Michael Keating says it is time to start trying new ways to care for New Brunswick seniors.

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Auditor General calls on New Brunswick government to develop nursing home plan

June 15, 2016-  New Brunswick's auditor general speaks out on the long-term care situation in New Brunswick, with comments from NBANH.

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Press Conference on Antipsychotics Program

May 17, 2016-  NBANH and CFHI hold a joint press conference at York Care Centre in Fredericton, announcing the first 15 homes that will participate in the rollout of the Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics Collaborative.

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Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics Collaborative

May 16, 2016-  Coverage of the Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics Collaborative, a partnership between NBANH, CFHI, and the Province of New Brunswick.

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Gov’t needs room to explore, take risks to truly improve aging care system, says Dr. Chris Simpson

May 12, 2016-  Dr. Chris Simpson speaks with the Daily Gleaner at NBANH's 2016 AGM.

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New Brunswick program aims to curb overuse of anti-psychotics in seniors

March 20th, 2016- New Brunswick Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics Collaborative, a partnership between The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, NBANH, and the Government of New Brunswick, is featured in the Globe and Mail.

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Council on Aging draws criticism from seniors’ advocates

March 18th, 2016- Michael Keating, executive director of the Association, speaks to CBC about NBANH's lack of inclusion of the NB Council on Aging.

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Nursing homes want to work with province

March 9th, 2016- In an op-ed written for the Telegraph Journal, Michael Keating, executive director of the Association, outlines our hopes for a better working relationship with the provinicial government.

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CTV Atlantic: Nursing home group raises concerns

March 2nd, 2016 - Nursing Home Group Raises Concerns  

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‘A direct slap in our face’: N.B. nursing home group says province didn’t consult before cuts

March 2nd, 2016 - The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes says it is fed up over a lack of dialogue with the provincial government.

N.B. Association of Nursing Homes calls on Gallant government to consult

March 2nd, 2016 - 'This is a social change, not a health care crisis'


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Quispamsis nursing home doubles as day camp to benefit kids and elderly

July 10 - Seniors' home staff say summer camp recreates a sense of family between older and younger generations. 

CBC's Rachel Cave reports

Province begins posting nursing home inspection reports

June 24, 2015 - The public will now be able to see how the province’s nursing and special care homes match up to the government’s standards.

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NB nursing home inspection reports are now available online

June 24, 2015 - The New Brunswick government has begun posting inspection reports for nursing homes and special care homes online.

Global's Laura Brown reports.

Province commits $2.6M as part of seniors’ Home First Strategy

June 5, 2015The province has committed $2.65 million for computer software that will enable the needs of nursing home residents to be better tracked.

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NB makes nice with seniors

June 5, 2015

From CTV's Mike Cameron

NB senior population to go from 100,000 to 200,000 in 20 years

May 17, 2015 - John McLaughlin, former President of the University of New Brunswick and former Chair of the Premier's Panel on Seniors, says dramatic changes are needed to accomodate the province's aging senior population.

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Nursing homes, special care homes welcome online reports

Thurs, May 14 - Inspection results of facilities to be made available to public by posting on internet. 

CBC's David Bartlett reports

NB Association for Nursing homes wants more support for seniors living at home

Weds, May 13 - The New Brunswick Association for Nursing homes says hospitals or nursing home might not be the place for all seniors, their homes are.

Laura Brown reports.

CTV Evening News: Overcrowded Hospitals Spur Action

Weds, May 13 - CTV Reporter Nick Moore interviews Executive Director Michael Keating regarding the overcrowding of hospitals in New Brunswick.

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NB Nursing Homes Urge Help to Keep Seniors out of Hospitals

Weds, May 13 - Michael Keating and Jodi Hall, both officials with the New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes, say seniors should be helped at home to help prevent them from landing in hospital and on a waiting list for long­term care

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CBC Maritime Connection: How should we care for seniors - and who should pay?

Sunday, May 10 - Join Rachel Cave, sitting in for Preston Mulligan, as she and her panel discuss NB's aging population and how to care for them.

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CBC Information Morning Saint John: Daily Costs At Nursing Homes Vary, Other Options Exist

Thursday, May 7: The Gallant government has raised the maximum amount a nursing home resident will pay to $175 a day, a $62 increase. Michael Keating is the executive director of the New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes.

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Top news: Nursing home association submits plan to deal with hospital congestion

Tues, April 14: NBANH's Jodi Hall speaks with the Daily Gleaner's Adam Bowie on the Assiciation's report submitted to the Provincial Government's Strategic Review process.

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Global News: Aging is not an illness and nursing homes are not extensions of hospitals

Thu, Jan 15: The province says it’s considering shifting the responsibility for nursing homes from the Department of Social Development to Health. It’s hoped that move will free up hospital beds and ease the transition of patients into nursing homes.

Global’s Laura Brown reports.

Information Morning: bed shortages at the Chalmers hospital are a symptom of a larger problem.

Thursday, January 15: Have a listen to NBANH's Jodi Hall speaking with CBC Information Morning Fredericton 99.5 FM's Terry Seguin on the shortage of hospital beds being a symptom of a larger problem

Click here for the interview.

Weekly bus service provided by a community nursing home

Tuesday, January 13: A GREAT story covered by CBC New Brunswick's evening news team the Orchard View Nursing home in Gagetown, New Brunswick who is providing a weekly bus service to seniors living in their community.

CBC's Catherine Harrop reports.

Jodi Hall sound bite in the CBC interview: Chalmers hospital chief surgeon frustrated by bed crunch

January 14th, 2015 - Click here to view the CBC Evening News interview.

NBANH's Jodi Halls says is part of a Collaborative group looking at grassroots changes. "We are very much believe that a multi-faceted approach is what's needed - not just nursing home beds, but also much more involvement at the community level."

NB Grassroots Join Together to Change Culture of Aging

The New Brunswick Real Estate Association isn’t an organization that one would necessarily expect to join a province-wide effort to improve the culture of aging, but that’s what’s happened.
This is just one example of how creating a public dialogue on the future of aging and seniors’ care in New Brunswick is yielding surprising and positive outcomes.
Diverse New Brunswick organizations are showing a level of energy and commitment to a shared vision for an improved culture of aging. Some of these organizations typically compete for the same funding dollars.
New Brunswick has one of Canada’s most senior populations. That, combined with its tenuous economy, could make its future seem especially scary.
But, as a key champion of the effort, Jodi Hall points out, people are often more willing to join together and figure out a response when situations are looking difficult. To read the full article, click here.

Forum held on healthy aging for NB Seniors

Times & Transcript, September 10, pA4
Vanessa Gallant

If there’s one thing that the representatives of the five New Brunswick political parties could agree on yesterday afternoon, it was that seniors are important to the fabric of the province. To read the full article, click here.

Nursing Home Week 2014

To commemorate Nursing Home Week, the Daily Gleaner published an article on June 6, 2014 highlighting the role that Nursing Homes and their residents play an important role in shaping their community. To read the full article, please click here

Seniors advocate loses father

Daily Gleaner, April 23, 2014, pA3

Special-care, nursing home officials say dementia patients’ needs often outstrip resources

Micheal Keating, ED of NBANH, was asked to comment for the following article posted in the The Daily Gleaner yesterday: "There's a group of 40 NGOs working find better ways to look after our seniors."

Read the full article here.

June 2013

Elder abuse awareness program in NB nursing homes will reach into communities

NBANH invited to the Legislative Assembly to promote World Elder Abuse Awareness Day









Minister of Social Development, Hon. Madeleine Dubé,with NBANH Executive Director, Michael Keating.