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Lack of expert consultation on important nursing home issues

March 2nd, 2016- The Liberal government’s focus on the Province’s bottom line will have an adverse effect on quality of life of nursing home residents, and New Brunswick society as a whole.

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Nursing Home Association views on-line inspection reports as a good thing.

The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes (NBANH) fully supports the Department of Social Development’s decision of making nursing home inspection reports available to the general public by posting them online.

There is high public interest in long term care and specifically nursing home care. Publicizing nursing home inspections creates another opportunity to engage nursing home stakeholders with the greater public.

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Nursing Home Association’s Response to Social Development’s Minimum Data Set Announcement

The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes (NBANH) is very pleased with the Department of Social Development’s announcement introducing Minimum Data Set (MDS), a computerized health status assessment tool, which will greatly revolutionize the way in which nursing homes provide resident-centered care in New Brunswick.

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Defining the roles of NB nursing Homes in the new political spectrum is the focus of this year’s AGM

The theme of the New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes AGM “Innovate – Integrate – Motivate”, reflects the sector’s commitment in finding a sustainable social model that provides New Brunswick nursing home residents with the highest level of care.

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New Brunswick Nursing Home Volunteers contribute 300 thousand hours annually

The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes is hosting its 5th Annual Volunteer Gala and Fundraiser on Thursday, April 16th, during National Volunteer Week. New Brunswick residents volunteer over 300,000 hours of their time to the nursing home sector, contributing up to $3 million dollars of in-kind support annually.

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90% of Nursing Home Staff are Considered Essential in the Event of a Strike

The Labour and Employment Board reached a decision that 90% of Resident Attendants and Licensed Practical Nurses are essential in ensuring the health, safety, security and quality of life of nursing home residents are maintained.

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NBANH Position Statement

The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes is a non-profit corporation that represents and advocates on behalf of all sixty-five nursing homes in the Province of New Brunswick.

Nursing homes are an integral part of the social fabric of NB communities.

Nursing homes provide a safe and respectful place to live for vulnerable people with an emphasis on "living". Our homes, with 4,600 residents and 6,000 employees, are an integral part of our communities that embrace families, friends and traditions. Each home provides around the clock nursing care for those who can no longer care for themselves. Our Association does not view nursing homes solely as medical institutions, but also as community dwellings that allow our residents to age within the cultural environment they have embraced throughout their lives. 

We are an integral social component of our communities that provide a variety of services, including Meals on Wheels, senior transportation, respite care and community meeting centres to name a few.  When our residents are in need of urgent care, they are transported to hospitals to receive the care they need before returning to their homes; nursing homes that are designed for living and enjoyment.

The Association is committed to work with all healthy aging and care stakeholders.

The Association views itself as a part of a larger social dynamic that includes primary health care, special care, home care, senior advocacy groups, faith groups, educational institutions, societies and a host of other social organisations.  We are working collaboratively with providers of wellness programming, healthcare and long term care providers, to find new and more efficient ways to allow our population to age in place or access care services as needed. As such, we are committed to finding a "Made in New Brunswick" model that embraces the aging experience as an integral part of life.

Our present economic situation is bleak and the pressures being placed on society by an aging population are profound.  Our goal is to work with partners to tap into the vast resources of our population and to work alongside government to relieve some of the economic pressure while still maintaining a quality of life we all richly deserve.

The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes has embraced the global best practices for long term care of Northern European Nations, which is person-centred and community-based. Nursing homes are positioned in NB communities to facilitate this best practice, which reflects an innovative approach in Canada – that builds partnerships and breaks down silos. To date, the traditional North American approach to aging has been through a healthcare lens, and has not been able to respond to the economic realities we are facing today.

Our proper alignment is with the Department of Social Development. A move to another department is cosmetic, at best. Our goal is to have the best system possible.

August 18th

Provincial Party Leaders Invited to Forum on Healthy Aging and Care in NB. Read the press release.

May 14, 2014

The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes is pleased to note the recent “Home First” announcement made by the Department of Social Development. The investments cited will provide the nursing home sector with the tools that will support operational modernization and provide support to management staff in delivering care to nursing home residents.
“We are pleased with the Government’s investment in the nursing home sector,” says Michael Keating, Executive Director of the New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes. “We look forward to working with Social Development on the details of the programs over the weeks and months to come.”
Program updates will be made available as we receive them. Read Social Development's announcement here.

May 5, 2014

NBANH's AGM "Towards Integration ...A Reality?"

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April 3, 2014

The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes is hosting its annual Volunteer Gala during National Volunteer Week: “Volunteering: See the Ripple Effect!”

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February 27, 2014

A Tentative Agreement Has Been Signed between the NB Nurse’s Union and the NB Association of Nursing Homes

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