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Association Reports

Consultation Report

Click here to read the Nursing Home sector Consultation Report on the Development of Long Term Care Legislation.

To ensure that the voice of the nursing home sector was heard during the development of new legislation that would replace the current Nursing Home Act, the New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes committed to consult with management, boards, staff, volunteers, families and residents. The purpose of this effort was to capture the sector feedback on topics of current and future interest and prepare a submission for government to consider. To accommodate the timelines of government for presentation of a new Act this fall, all consultation sessions had to be conducted within the month of September, meaning the earliest a report can be submitted is October 2017. It is understood that with an October report submission, the opportunity to contribute to new legislation is limited, but despite this we are deeply committed to expressing the voice of the sector that includes some of the most vulnerable New Brunswick citizens, being nursing home residents.

Recruitment and Retention Survey

Click here to read the results and findings from the Nursing Home sector Recruitement and Retention Survey.

This report is based on a sector wide survey conducted in May 2017. With an 85% response rate, some anticipated challenges were confirmed, other new challenges were noted, and opportunities to improve recruitment and retention in nursing homes were identified. A committee to create a strategy and an implementation plan is  ecommended to begin working this fall.

Surviving - Sustaining - Thriving:
Mapping an Innovative Path for Long Term Care

Click here to read the document in its entirety.

Click here to view the CBC Evening News interview of January 14th 2015.

NBANH's Jodi Halls says is part of a Collaborative group looking at grassroots changes. "We are very much believe that a multi-faceted approach is what's needed - not just nursing home beds, but also much more involvement at the community level."

Executive Summary

The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes has served as the sector’s official voice for the last forty two years. In addition to providing a wide range of membership services, we also work closely with our partners, which includes government. Our sector has experienced many challenges since our inception, but in the last four years our accomplishments as an association, working with nursing homes and government, have created a number of efficiencies and have set a path for future innovations in long term care.
As part of our journey over the last four years, we have worked to generate new information that enhances the understanding of the business, along with the social impact and care contributions of nursing homes. We have considered data from each of these lenses and can confidently share our findings which demonstrate the significant role of nursing homes in the province. Here are a few examples that demonstrate that nursing homes are a viable and essential resource in each community they serve:
  • Nursing Homes contribute more than $171,000,000+ to the economy above what is spent by the province on operations and resident support.
  • NB volunteers give 285,192 hours a year to nursing homes, which is the equivalent of 146 full time nursing home jobs.
  • The social network of people directly or indirectly affiliated with nursing homes in NB is 95,000.
Our vision for the future Leading excellence in long term care, is multi-faceted but is anchored in our belief in community-based non-profit nursing homes which are a home first, before a medical facility. We believe nursing homes are a key part of a community’s services for seniors into the future. In working towards this vision, we will remain committed to partnership development and collaboration, system efficiency and best business practices, resident safety, care excellence, quality of life, and social responsibility.
We have identified key operational initiatives for the short term to further generate efficiencies, which include:
  • Absenteeism management
  • Facility maintenance program
  • Backend office systems, including generic accounting software to increase accountability
  • Occupational Health and Safety education and software
  • Nursing Home Boards of Directors governance education
  • Recruitment and retention of Nursing Home Administration
Each of these initiatives will address outstanding issues and support the introduction of an innovation agenda.
The innovation agenda is comprised of three parts and builds on the Home First strategy to support aging in place.
We are feeling positive as we view the opportunities ahead and we look forward to the contribution that the nursing home sector can make through community-based leadership. Preparing for the increased need for senior services must be addressed in the near future and from the lens that aging is not a disease.