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PEACE Initiative

PEACE Overview

What is PEACE?
PEACE is a province-wide elder abuse awareness and prevention program delivered to NBANH’s membership, community-dwelling seniors, and partners within the Long Term Care sector.
Available in both official languages, PEACE leverages research-based curriculum originally developed by the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) and is presented in an interactive and anecdotal-based program whose goal is to enhance the quality of care provided to older adults.  
Originally conceived by the RNAO as an acronym for “Prevention of Elder Abuse Centers of Excellence”, the name “PEACE” was adapted by NBANH as a unilingual title to represent both the French and English components of its project.    


Why is NBANH doing this project?
In the context of long term care, New Brunswick’s seniors represent a vulnerable segment of our population who are at risk of abuse by individuals who care for them. With Canada’s augmenting aging population, we can expect a rise in demand for long term care services, and a corresponding growth in the opportunity for abuse to occur. Furthermore, cases of abuse often remain unreported due to the lack of understanding on the issue, fear of reprimand, and the stereotypes surrounding the subject.
By leveraging HRSDC’s New Horizons for Seniors Pan Canadian grant, NBANH took the opportunity to further its vision to lead excellence in long term care by developing a program that will raise awareness on the subject of elder abuse and provide tools to address and prevent cases of abuse. 
For whom is PEACE intended?
PEACE has been primarily designed to be delivered within New Brunswick’s nursing homes. The program focuses on providing tools and resources on which staff and administration can draw upon to address and prevent cases of abuse.
As a second phase to the project’s delivery, NBANH is targeting community-dwelling seniors, along with other long term care-related organizations and service providers
How will PEACE be delivered?
The PEACE curriculum will be delivered in interactive sessions comprised of situational and anecdotal exercises designed to engage the audience in crucial conversations surrounding elder abuse. Preparatory materials will be delivered to participants prior to the sessions, and follow-up resources and guides will be made available to reinforce the content covered in the sessions. 
In order to best accommodate our varied audiences, NBANH has recruited a network of both Anglophone and Francophone instructors. These instructors will deliver the PEACE sessions in the language that best fits the intended audience. 
What does PEACE cover?
Leveraging research and best practices encompassed within RNAO’s Best Practice Guidelines, NBANH’s PEACE initiative was constructed such that participants would be encouraged to question their perspectives on elder care and abuse within a positive and action-oriented curriculum.
Participants are presented with 5 modules of curriculum:
1.  Healthy Work Environments
2.  Understanding Elder Abuse
3.  Recognizing Elder Abuse
4.  Learning the Law
5.  Intervention and Prevention Strategies
Additionally, a set of tools is provided to participants addressing:
·   stress identification and management
·   recognizing abuse indicators
·   employee assistance and wellness programs
·   management of difficult caregiving situations
·   ageism
Based on RNAO’s Nursing Best Practice Guidelines, a follow-up toolkit will also be made available for nursing home/service management and administration recommending:
·   reporting guidelines
·   education topics and plans
·   HR policies