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The Collaborative

Thank you for attending the Summit 2017!

Five years has passed since the Summit for Healthy Aging and Care brought together stakeholders in aging and long-term care to engage in dialogue and create a sustainable vision for healthy aging and wellbeing within communities and across the continuum of care in New Brunswick. So much has been accomplished over the last five years as a direct result of the 2012 summit, including the creation of the Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care! 

The Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care is pleased to announce the second summit event "Exploring our Stories and Shaping our Future" was held in Fredericton. Click here for the agenda. 


Through the first summit and the ongoing work of the Collaborative, a conversation of what we envision the aging experience to be in New Brunswick was initiated. Five years later, we desire to engage with stakeholders, community members, care providers and all generations of New Brunswickers to learn the stories that shape us and play a key role in community empowerment. Understanding our interdependence and that we all have a part to play in our future, regardless of culture, age, or wealth is the next significant step to mapping our collective journey ahead.


For more information, please communicate with Erin Jackson, Collaborative Coordinator, at 506-460-6262 or by email at or view the Collaborative's website here


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A copy of the document can be viewed here.



The results of the maestroconference are now available here.